Bizstats search interface

Got data? Get insights fast.

Bizstats Analytics is simple, Everyone can do it. Search interface helps to achieve 100% data-driven decisions, by extending analytics capability to all.

Best time to value

Bizstats is the most cost effective and less risky than ever before. No upfront capital expenditure. Bizstats analytic-application-as-a-service enables you to analyze data right away.


Bizstats analytic-application-as-a-service

Timely decision making

Monitor your important data from across your organizations from any device , any where and anytime. Insights in real time are available to collaborate globally distributed teams.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base comprises both the data and the procedural important information that includes but not limited to facts, dimensions, KPIs and dashboards. Knowledge base turns the Industry, Functional expertise knowledge into a wealth of information. This can assist you in finding quicker insights from data and in empowering others to find the answers to their questions.


Discover hidden opportunities

Automatically suggest insights based on the patterns in your data. Transforms large data into decision points with less effort.



Stay ahead of the competition

To defend your market position and maintain your competitive edge, Bizstats delivers powerful analytics that enable users to dig deeper and assess future business prospects.

Why BizStats.AI?

smart data discovery in bizstats
share Your research in bizstats

Smart Data Discovery

“AI-based” data discovery tools directly leverage machine learning to identify patterns for users, instead of enabling users to find patterns themselves through visual analysis.

Share your research

Share your analysis to increase the longevity and impact of your research, by making it easier for your colleagues to discover and use your analysis.

Make faster decisions

Deliver answers through visuals, the best representation of data within seconds.